Pet WirelessTM is revolutionizing the way people care for their pets. We are creating a new paradigm: automatic, unobtrusive 24/7 at-home pet health monitoring. Using Wireless Technologies and our Big Data Analytics, we are transforming pet healthcare from reactive to Proactive and Predictive. Our products detect early signs of pet illness through monitoring of pet physiology, habits and activities.

When your child is sick you know it: the little one will cry, misbehave, complain verbally; you can gauge if the child has a fever and can see a skin rash. Unlike children, animals are very good at hiding disease. Hiding signs of disease is a natural animal instinct, even for predators. Unfortunately, this instinct in pets often leads to late realization that the pet is actually ill.

According to many pet owners and veterinarians, as well as numerous publications, late detection of pet disease by the owner is very common; it causes pets unnecessary suffering and even untimely death, and it leaves pet owners emotionally scarred. Financially, a disease detected late can be significantly more expensive to treat than a disease detected early.

Our products combine proprietary technology, analytics, and alert systems and enable pet owners to detect early signs of disease and make an informed decision about the necessity of a veterinary visit. The same products also provide the veterinarian with accurate historical data, which in turn enables faster diagnosis and more successful treatment.

Our products are completely non-invasive: we will not put anything on or inside your pet. Our products are completely unobtrusive and require no change in behavior for the pet and the owner,

This unique and powerful combination of science, technology and care has but a single objective: healthy pets and happy pet parents.